Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more german grocery store goodness

I am very fond of German folk design and German food (sans meat). A couple weeks ago the mister and I went to The Berlin Inn for breakfast. And afterwards we visited the little German grocery store and deli next door. They always have Kinder Surprise Eggs there. They are a Chocolate hollow egg with a capsule in it that has a toy. The chocolate isn't that great. The toys are pretty fun. They aren't cheap, like 3 bucks each, so I don't always get them, but I couldn't resist when I saw the cute little house.

This seems to not actually be a Kinder Egg, but maybe a Russian version of it. Hard to tell since I can't read Russian. Is this Russian? {Hey I just found a mention of these as Russian Kinder Eggs on this candy blog. Oh my gosh and here is the whole collection. I totally got the best one, although those bears are cute.}

It has a lot of Bavarian style to it. The design of this one is way better than most Kinder Eggs I have seen. The egg tasted exactly the same. I loved the little toy inside and had lots of fun taking photos of it.

This also was inside:

I also got this mustard there and it is so very good. It has some horseradish in it and I love it and the tube is great. Why don't they do this in America? I even love the design on this. Mmmm mustard.

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