Sunday, November 22, 2009

a place in the woods

Last week at this time I as at a cabin near Mt Hood. It was my annual Autumn vacation with the mister and it was great. This was the first vacation that I have taken in a long time where I didn't feel the need to sight-see. We pretty much just stayed in the cabin and relaxed and enjoyed the great view. The second day we were there it snowed a bit.

The mountain you see here is Zig Zag Mountain. We couldn't see Mt Hood from where we were and it would have been covered in clouds anyway. Half the time we couldn't even see Zig Zag Mountain.

snow at Sandy River

People in Portland are really into Stumptown Coffee and being from the Bay Area I have always been fond of Peets, as well. They are both great, but Cellar Door is my new fave and this coconut creamer is incredibly good. It was such a treat to have coffee every morning with a Joe's Donut (the best donuts around!) while looking at the view.

great local coffee

There were some puzzles at the cabin and I did one for the first time in about 15 years. It was only 300 pieces and it took me way too long to do it - and Steve helped! And wouldn't you know it, the puzzle was missing one piece!


But, the best thing about the vacation (besides just being together, of course) was the hot tub. This hot tub was very private and we would go everyday about 3:30 or 4pm. We would watch the fog come rolling in over the trees and stay until it got dark. Heaven.

The path to the hot tub.

from hot tub

You can see a couple more images from this trip here.

Today I posted a few new items on my vintage shop. My favorite item was this vintage Wright's Rick Rack brochure. I just love it! 2 packs of vintage Rick Rack comes with it.

I will tell you a secret. I am not really ready for Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season yet. I usually am totally into it by now, but it just feels too soon. Is it just me?

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Jenny said...

Wow, that cabin looks to die for! And the view! So gorgeous.

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