Monday, January 11, 2010

dear google reader,

I have met someone new.

Not that long ago I was completely in love with Google Reader. It seemed ideal. I had no need for anything else.

And then I saw Feedly. I downloaded Feedly and it populated the Feedly page with all my saved Google Reader blogs. And it was a beautiful thing.

Browsing your subscribed blogs are even easier and more pleasant. You can see the first few lines and an image for most of the posts. You can read entries and delete ones that don't interest you without leaving the main page. Feedly lets you choose to see listings from everything or you can choose each sub category. Seriously, it is rad. It is my new favorite thing.

I am totally fickle and I am okay with that. See ya Google Reader.


Edwin Khodabakchian said...

Thanks for the post. Note: feedly is really Google Reader with a new outfit so it might be ok... :-p

Jenny said...

I recently ditched Firefox for Google's Chrome browser, so perhaps I should balance the scales?

@Edwin -- I'm going to go out on a limb and speak for Krissy as well as myself when I say we are definitely interested in new outfits. :D

Jody McDowell said...

i'm excited to check this out! i am still kind of new to my blog and i never really got into google reader, but this looks awesome!

comfies said...

yay. agreed. i'm thinking feedly is a good thing too. glad to hear i'm not alone.

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