Monday, April 19, 2010


Last Thursday I got home from work and was waiting for a postcard club friend to come by and pick up some items I had photographed for the auction that was happening that next night. Friday night was the annual auction and dinner for the postcard club I am a member of, The Webfooters.

I love the Webfooters. They're a great bunch of people I am getting to know and I really like spending time with older people. At 45, I am one of the youngest ones there!

Saturday and Sunday was the annual Webfooters Sale so it was a full weekend of postcard and vintage ephemera madness. Both events were fun. I got some great stuff. I had never been to an auction before, but more about that later.

The point of this is last Thursday. It was a pleasant sunny evening and I opened the windows to let the air come in. I watched the tulips sway in the breeze and I opened my mail in the quietness of the house. In one package was a book that I had ordered.

The book was Postcards to Box 464 by Amanda Laughtland. It was the most absolute perfect time for me to receive that package and I sat in the stillness and read the book cover to cover.

Amanda, a poet and teacher, was given a box of postcards, all of which had been sent to a couple that she was very close to growing up. She took the different postcards and created poems out of them. She moved words around, changed phrasing, maybe added in some things, but all the while she tried to keep true to the postcard while also perhaps infusing it with another deeper meaning.

The result is a wonderful selection of poetry and history. The love she felt for these people who owned box 464 comes through in some way as well. And so does the love of their friends who sent postcards from all over.

October 20, 1954

At Fisherman's Wharf, we felt

like fish ourselves, lured in
by the catch of the day. I love

these restaurants for their names-

Alioto's, The Grotto, Vista Del Mar.

They sound as close to Europe

as we'll get. Had three days here

but leaving tomorrow for Reno.

Maybe I'll have some luck.

Amanda makes it look easy. I am tempted to try my hand at this kind of found poetry, but I think that it is probably much harder to do it and to do it well. The results of Postcards to Box 464 is a dreamy, friendly collection of poems that somehow manages to be carefree and deep at the same time.

It was a very pleasant hour and I am so glad I got to read this wonderful book in that way.

It is put out by a small press. If you are interested it would be such a nice thing to support small presses. You can find how to order here. Amanda's website can be found here.


Top Shelf Blues said...

Thanks for the small press press! Mandy's book deserves the attention.

Anonymous said...

i love mandy's work! finally, a poet whose poetry i actually can understand! heck, yeah!! oxox

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