Saturday, April 3, 2010

free moo cards!

Moo is working with Etsy to give away free business cards. Sure, the cards have a promo at the bottom that offers a discount for people on Moo cards, but since I totally like Moo and Etsy I have no problem with it. Plus, did I mention they're free!

Moo lets you use images from your Etsy shop, Facebook or Flickr account. I used my flickr account and it looks like I got about 2 of each, which means I must have used about 25 images. It was pretty fun to be able to use some of my vintage images, images of zines and other stuff, too. I got the recycled paper with a matte finish. You have a couple choices on paper.

I think there was a charge for shipping, but if I recall it was about 5 bucks. Still a totally great deal. Here is a pic of some of mine. Get some yerself! Offer expires April 30th.

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