Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Etsy, my old pal

started 5 years ago today! What did we do without it? Etsy has made selling and buying handmade good so much easier! Probably 80 percent of the gifts I get are bought on Etsy. I love being able to find handcrafted items and being able to talk directly to the crafter. I have had a number of custom items made on Etsy, well.

I have never been a huge seller. I am strictly a hobbyist, a part-timer. But, I am a committed hobbyist! I joined Etsy on June 22 2005! Only 3 days after they opened! I didn't even realize how early on I became a seller until right now. I thought it had been around for at least a few weeks when I joined. Internet time is so much faster than real time.

When I say I am committed, it's for real. I continuously praise Etsy, and tell everyone to shop there if they are searching for something. I have told many crafters and vintage sellers about it, too. And of course. I also have three Etsy shops. That's love.

Here is a horrible 2005 photo of the first item I sold on Etsy. A pocket mirror. I sold it on June 23rd.

So, Happy 5th Birthday Etsy! Thanks for being an awesome website with reasonable fees and a great interface. Here's to many many more!

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Anonymous said...

Love etsy! I have used it so many times to get the perfect gift for awesome people. I now see lots of my co-workers use it since I introduced them.

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