Sunday, June 6, 2010

what are you doing for national iced tea month?

An email from a tea merchant tipped me off that June is National Iced Tea month. So, this gave me the excuse to right about Iced Tea again. Isn't that the point of these National Whatever Months? No prob, I am happy to oblige.

I like tea. Like most people, in the summer I like it iced. last year I wrote about my "iced tea plan" and making concentrated batches. Although I like to mix and make my own versions of iced tea, I usually use bags. The purists out there might have a problem with that, but it makes it easier. My favorite is still the Midsummers Peach from Harney and Sons. I also like to mix different teas all the time, some combos are great. A little peppermint tea is always nice to add in a mix.

Apparently Iced Tea has only been around in America a little over 100 years. It was introduced in St Louis in 1904 at the Worlds Fair. 80% of the tea consumed in the states is consumed cold. That is pretty surprising to me.

Since it hasn't been that hot yet this summer in Portland I have only made a couple batches of iced tea. I made some today and enjoyed it with some cupcakes I made yesterday. They have roses on them in honor of The Portland Rose Festival (I got them from Bake it Pretty, of course). Last night was the Starlight Parade and we watched it from the comfortable and uncrowded living room (it is televised locally) and had some cupcakes. Yeah, I have a rather low key way of celebrating things.

iced tea and rose cupcakes

So, go make some iced tea. And let me know what your favorite kinds are.

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