Tuesday, August 31, 2010

print is not dead

This last weekend I spent both days inside a musty university gym sitting behind a table along with about 200 other people, also sitting behind a table. Sometimes we got up and walked around and looked at each other's goods. We chatted with people we haven't seen in a long time or people we have only met online and we chatted with the folks who came in just to look at our little handmade pieces of paper. I love those people.

This last weekend was the 10th annual Portland Zine Sympoium. I have been to all ten. I have tabled at all but one. I am guessing it sounds like a pretty boring time as I have outline above, but it is pretty fun. There are so many people I see there that I only see once a year, even ones who live in town! You get to show off and sell your zines and get inspired by and trade for other people's zines.It is pretty awesome to be in a room of a bunch of people who get what drives you and why you spend your time making these little booklets. Most friends and family don't get it, so to be in a room full of those people is pretty incredible.
Here is a picture of my haul:

And my table:

The new Imaginary Life is done, but not listed yet. I will hopefully get that up soon.

Support the arts! Buy some zines! You can virtually browse the zine symposium by checking out the links for all the tablers that were there on the pdxzines site.


rieka said...

thank you for sharing!
I was unable to make it but I really
wish I could!

amy dame said...

it was lovely meeting you, after reading your zines and having so many mutual friends for so long!

i see the femme zine in your pile, i hope you enjoy it. did i tell you that i want to do a 4th issue? (i can't remember who i rambled about it to!) anyway, i need to do up a call for submissions, but if you or anyone you know would be into writing something, that would be fabulous!

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