Friday, September 3, 2010

mcclure it

I just got an email from Buy Olympia telling me that the new Nikki McClure calender is out for 2011. That reminded me that I kind of wanted to write about the Nikki McClure catalogs and what you do with them when they are done.

As you probably know, they are beautiful. Each page is a gorgeous paper cut layout celebrating the simple pleasures in life. Usually the calender is worked into them in a way that makes it pretty unattractive to extricate it from the image thus making it difficult to cut out the calender and just hang it on the wall (she does sell wall prints now of many of the images). Yet, the images are so beautiful it is impossible to throw them away.

So, I save them and put them with my wrapping paper and use them for wrapping gifts sometimes. I also recently used some old pages to line a drawer.

Lining a drawer is an interesting thing. It seems like such a old fashioned kind of thing to do and I never really thought it was that big of a deal, and yet I will often do it, just out of some domestic tradition. This particular drawer I had not lined and I wish I had as a bottle of lotion got loose and damaged the wood. See, that is why you should line drawers! So, I did with the Nikki McClure pages.

These pages would also be nice to use for scrapbooks. You couldn't use the whole thing of course, but little pieces like leaves or something would be nice.

What do you do with your old lovely calenders?

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