Monday, May 30, 2011

three day weekend

What kind of a person spends their three day weekend mostly at home throwing away things?

Apparently me, and I am thrilled to finally be doing it.

The truth is that most of what I have been going through is paper. I love paper, I collect papers, I make zines, I pick up free magazines, newspapers and brochures wherever I go. I squirrel these items away, thinking that I may need them, when in reality, when I need something I look it up on the internet. I am still collecting things like it's 1997 and my habits haven't caught up with reality. Until now, hopefully.

I have recycled a big blue recycle bin full of magazines and papers this weekend. I am making piles of zines to donate. I have shredded pay stubs that go back to 1999!

It's feeling good, but still so much to do.

In my files (I cleaned out my file cabinet and reorganized), I found the 8x10 photograph that inspired and was on the first issue of my first zine ever - Frank, Jasper and Me. I don't remember where I got it, but I am guessing the Oakland Flea Market that took place in the Laney College parking lot, but it may have been at an estate sale in Mountain View. Anyway, it was one of the first old photographs of people I don't know that I collected. Of course, now I have tons more.

Someday, when I find all 7 issues of Frank, Jasper and Me I'll post the covers. I really liked them. Each issue had an old pic of two men and a woman. I have tons extra that I never used because friends used to find them for me everywhere!

The zine was just a general pop culture /personal zine and I don't think I ever did more than 75 of one issue. Frank and Jasper were my imaginary co-writers. I really liked having other people to assign stories and "true stories" to. I started FJ&Me in 1994 and did the last one in 1998, I think.

Here is my newly reorganized file cabinet. This is where the mighty archives of the original issues of all Portland created PonyBoy Press zines reside. Behold the majesty:

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! Back to the shredder.

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