Tuesday, May 10, 2011

spot me a fiver

A couple months ago I wandered onto a website called Fiverr and was completely enthralled.

Fiverr is a site where people buy and sell services for five dollars. It's been around for a while, I guess. Their website lists some of the high profile newspapers and magazines that have mentioned them. But, somehow I managed to never hear about it until recently.

I spent a couple days going back to the listings seeing all the stuff that people were listing. It was so entertaining. There were lots of business type services: voice overs, seo help, html code, photoshop help, video testimonials, logo and banner making. Some of these seemed pretty good for someone who really knows nothing about setting up a blog or making a slideshow. There were also people to pass out flyers in certain towns which seems like a really valuable thing, since no one in any organization ever wants to do that part.

Some especially interesting things I saw the people were selling for five dollars:

  • Someone who will tell you what outfit to wear
  • Someone who will call your phone to get you out of a date or make some jealous
  • Someone who will take a picture of anything you want written on a sign in a number of places: paris, new york subways, hollywood, pittsburg...
  • Someone who will call someone and sing them a song in many different voices, or make a video
  • Someone who will be your friend on facebook or like something or do youtube comments
  • Someone who will do any kind of new age reading you can imagine
  • Someone who will do all kinds of weird performances on video, like singing anything you want or saying anything you want while in a clown costume, with a sock puppet...
  • Someone who will worry for you
  • Someone who will tell you the meaning of life
It's pretty endless what people think up and the entrepreneur in me really loves it and wants to try selling something, but I got enough on my plate. So, instead I bought some things.

I bought a fix for a scratched old photo. The fiverr seller did a good job, the photo is of my great grandparents and it was a copy of a photo and the scratches were beyond my control. I was really happy with the results. And for 5 bucks!

I also bought a numerology reading. The reading was okay. There were lots of things that didn't apply, but one that was really spot on. So, still seemed like a success to me. What'dya want for 5 bucks, right?

I also had a drawing done for me of me. It was done by this artist. Pretty good for five bucks, huh?
I did all of these in March with the idea of doing this blog post and it's taken me this long to do it.

Now looking over the fiverr site I totally want to buy more things. maybe a past life reading, a postcard from some exotic place or some custom fortune cookies.

I love that people can find some niche and supplement their income. And for five bucks it's easy to take the chance on buying something. Let me know if you buy or sell anything. I am fascinated with this website.


Jen @ SkinnedKnees.net said...

This is such a cool website. Thank you for sharing!

And I love that drawing of you. :)

Barb said...

Excellent -- like an online gumball machine!

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