Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Tomorrow is National Poem In Your Pocket Day.  It's part of the month long celebration of National Poetry Month every April.

I heard about this day last year and was looking forward to participating all year long. I'm a subscriber to the Poem a Day emails from When I would get one I especially liked I would flag it (well, star it is what Google uses). Today I went through and found my favorite of the starred poems and created a layout for it and printed it up.

My plans were to do the layout old zine style cut and paste, but the day kind of snuck up on me. When I realized it was tomorrow and I was actually going to be out and about tomorrow I wanted to make sure I took the time to make some poems for my pocket. People will be receiving the poem Detail of the Woods by Richard Siken. Here's a scan of my layout.

You can participate and print up some poems that have all ready to go. Or you can print out one of your favorite poems. 

It's a great way to recognize poetry and National Poetry Month. Plus, you might discover a new poet you really like, like I did. Have fun!

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