Friday, January 25, 2013

winter treats

Winter is the kind of thing most people don't like. Especially after the holidays are over. I like the quiet months of Janurary and Feburary - the bare trees, the grey skies, the need for cozy socks and warm foods. Although there is less produce at this time than during the summer, there are still some great things in season (though not local perhaps) that are a nice treat at this time.

Lately, I've been really into grapefruit, kiwi, meyer lemons, oranges and avocados. These are all in season somewhere and really inexpensive at the stores right now.

I made a lemon meyer bundt cake the other day. I used this recipe on Pinterest. I started a Pinterest of tested recipes. It shows the recipes I've actually done and my comments on them.

The last few days my lunch has been an open face avocado sandwich. Avocados are so good right now and cheap. This sandwich is super good. It satisfies the Southern California girl inside me who grew up eating avocados all the time and stealing lemons off of nearby trees. 

Let me break it down, in case you wanna create it yourself. 

Yellow Mustard
Artichoke Antipasto from Trader Joe's
little salt


2 comments: said...

That avocado sandwich looks yummy!

Jen @ said...

That open-faced sandwich looks so good!

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