Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - Florida Orange Meringue Pie

Vintage Color Palettes - Florida Orange Meringue - ponyboy press

I found this lively postcard among a bunch of 25 cents postcards last weekend. It definitely stood out and I loved the intense blue background which is even stronger than shown here, but that was the closest I could get it from the scan. The weather has been sunny here and this color palette fits the mood. The rest of the recipe is printed on the back. I'll post it here. Let me know if you make this. it sounds pretty good. I like the idea of sending a regional recipe in a postcard. It makes it even more of a souvenir.

The hex color codes here are from left to right: 0393c4, f75b0d, 408444, f7d45b. 

Famous Florida Dessert - Orange Meringue Pie Recipe - ponyboy press

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