Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - A Happy Birthday

An odd assortment of colors on this Vintage Birthday Postcard. It was sent in 1929 to as Woman named Mrs. E.A. Christenson. It was her 45th birthday as the person noted on the message so all could see. It was sent from Authur, Iowa to Soiux City, Iowa.

Colors in general were very unique in the Twenties. Especially the last half of the decade. It was very popular to use strange combinations of colors for things, kind of like what happened in the last half of the 1960's. I wrote about some of this in regards to 1920's Christmas Cards on my other blog The Cedar Chest.

The hex color codes are in order from left to right: 5ba87a, d5628a, 466b55, ad6164. If I were going to name these colors I would name them Carnival Glass Green, Peony, Spruce and Faded Velvet.

Do you like this combo? It's very unique and not like you usually see today, especially considering the added teal, yellow and olive green checks.

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Maura Alia Badji said...

I love this!

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