Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vintage Color Palette - Wisconsin Dells

Vintage Color Palettes - Wisconsin Dells - find hex codes on the blog
The Vintage Color Palette today comes from a postcard from the 1930's or earlier. This big letter postcard from the Wisconsin Dells has a really inspiring color palette. I love the rosey-coral with the acid yellow and the mellow blue. And I always love a good vintage olive color. A great combination that would look awesome on pottery, packaging or in vintage home decor.

The hex color codes are from left to right: ee5b65, dccd4a, 7faecf, 92944d

Just for fun,I found a site where you can match interior paint colors to the hex color code numbers. I randomly chose the Benjamin Moore Color Collection. What the site will do is give you the closest four matches and it shows you the RGB breakdown so you can see easily how they differ. 

Here are the Benjamin Moore paint colors to match this palette. Pretty great matches. Now you can find your favorite Vintage Color Palette (browse quickly on Pinterest) and start painting your walls.

benjamin moore paints to match vintage color palette colors - ponyboypress blog

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