Saturday, July 13, 2019

Portland Zine Symposium 2019

Hello Poor, lonely, loyal blog,

I am addressing the blog and not readers because I pretty much don't expect any readers considering I haven't posted in 3 years.

Time is shorter. Instagram is easier. Zines are not being made as often as they were (by me) and when they are they are made in smaller quantities.

However, the Portland Zine Symposium is next weekend and I continue to table every year. Next year will be the 20th. I may choose to stop my streak at 20. I have been to every one.

There will be lots of great zine makers and comic artists at the Zine Symposium next weekend. I will be there on Sunday. I don't have a new zine, but I have copies of the I Love Lucy zine, the Postcard Zine, and others.

I am also working on some zine related crafts ( but currently having some hiccups, so fingers crossed) and I will be back with some vintage mail related goodness).

I hope to see you there on Sunday. But, go both days, if you can. There will find new vendors each day.

Thanks for listening, dear blog.

Forever your old chum,

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