Monday, June 25, 2007

Etsy Finds and Ridiculously Cute Fabric in General

There are so many adorable fabrics out there with the super cute patterns. Many of them are Japanese and it is hard for me to resist some of them. I try, however to not buy fabric (unless it is really cheap) unless I know what I am going to use it for. I am not some big time sewer, I have only recently started sewing things for myself, and I already have way more fabric than is neccesary for me. If this were not the case however I would be buying way more at Superbuzzy, like this

There are a couple people on Etsy who sell japanese fabrics, too. Here is some from one shop called Sakura Fabric's. I love the worker animals, just like Richard Scarry's stuff. So cute!

The patterns are so small on some of these that if you use them for something big you kind of lose the image. It seems like making small things with these kinds of fabric are the best way to enjoy it. I think Chet and Dot does a really good job of doing that, highlighting the cutest part of the print, mixing it with other fabrics:

There is another shop on Etsy called Fluffington's that takes it even smaller. They make little covered buttons with these fabrics and them arrange them like a little collage, highlighting one very small part. They are so well done and you definately get to see the little bits you would miss from a distance.

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