Thursday, June 21, 2007

PonyBoy Press History

I found this a couple years ago when I was cleaning out stuff. I took a photo of it and downloaded it and forgot to ever post it. I just found it again. What you see here, in case you don't know, is the genesis of PonyBoy Press (ta da!).

Let me take you back. It was the summer of 1994. People were heading to air-conditioned theatres to see Jurassic Park, listening to sounds of the chart busting album "August and Everything After" from the Counting Crows and talking non-stop about OJ Simpson. Marilyn and I had been friends for a few months. We both were starting our zines and she had come to my side of the Bay Area to hang out , talk zines and as it turned out, go to a blues club on a hot evening.

We listened to some mediocre-to-bad blues and had some hooch. It was fun. We wrote haikus about the band members and talked about ideas for our new zines. Mine was called Frank, Jasper and Me and her's was of course, Fat!So? I told her I loved the idea of being a "press" and wanted to come up with a name. One of my ideas was PonyBoy Press. She said yeah, and you could have a little logo like this and she drew it right there on the flyer that was on our table. A couple weeks later I took it to Kinkos and copied it. I still love it.

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