Thursday, June 7, 2007

Yellow and Green!

I have been obsessed with yellow and green for awhile. Preferably together. I am doing my bedroom in yellow and green as I think I have mentioned before. I wanted to do it all vintage 70's, but that was too hard to find, so now I am updating the idea.

When I was a little girl my mother did my room in green and yellow. I had the daisy sheets that you see here in the pillowcase and she had made these daisy decorations on green felt carpet squares that hung on the wall. As soon as I moved into this apartment over a year ago I knew I wanted my room to be those colors again.

This last weekend I found my bedspread after looking for over a year! I got it at Target. Man, I am embarrassed about how much I love Target. Only the soon to be opened Ikea in my own town will seriously rival my favorite housewares store. Here is my new bedspread

They call it a coverlet. This seems to be the new word for bedspread. Not sure why it is a coverlet. It is reversible, though, which is nice. I think it is very considerate that Miranda July's new book goes with my decorating scheme:

I have only read one story in it so far, but it was great. I am no lit major (well, actually at one time I kind of was) but it reminded me of Raymond Carver.

Some other nice yellow and green things from Etsy:

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