Sunday, January 13, 2008

fern bedroom

As you may know, I have been kind of obsessed with decorating my bedroom in yellow and green. I have lived in this apartment for the two years now and it is slowly coming together, although a little different than I first imagined. When I was a kid my bedroom was yellow and green with daisies and I wanted to make it like that, all seventies style with ferns, too. I wasn't sure where this sudden need for these colors and motifs came from, but I didn't really question it.

Almost a year ago I ordered some wall decals from oneupdesigns on Etsy. He created the fern design because of my request. I didn't put them up for months and months. I don't recommend this. I think they were a little harder to get off the paper because I took so long. Anyway, I finally got them up a few months ago. Today I woke up to a sunny day! It has been a while here in Portland. I opened up my blinds and realized that now was a good time to finally take a picture of them.

Christmas Eve my family had a slide show and was shocked to see this photo of myself sleeping in my bedroom. I didn't even conscientiously remember having fern wallpaper! I had totally forgotten about it. Interesting. By the way, this wallpaper is rad and I wish I could have it now. But, I would rather have our dog, Nuthin'. He was the best!!


Anonymous said...

is that dog wearing a wig??

comfies said...

that is just a perfect story with perfect visuals to match. i adore the pic of you and your dog and the wallpaper and the fact that your dog's name was nuthin'!!!

PonyBoy Press said...

thanks! Yeah, what a great dog!When we first got the dog my mom and sister and I were naming off all these names for a long time and my father was just sitting there. Then he finally said, why don't we call him nuthin' and we all said, Okay!

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