Friday, January 25, 2008

heart on your sleeve

Every once in a while I buy a patch, sometimes a handmade screened one, sometimes the kind you get at vacation spots. I really like them, but I never sew them on anything. I keep wanting to, but I am note sure how it will look. Would it work on a hoodie? Where else do people put them? I am never quite sure. But, I really like them and keep collecting them. I think one day I will just sew them all on to the same hoodie.

I have some screenprinted ones that I imagine sewing on to the bottom of skirts or pants. A while ago after I printed some groundhog stuff I had extra ink, so I used it all up on some linen I had nearby. Now, I am selling patches, too. You can see the groundhog patches here.

I was really taken by these patches by locallibrary. I can't imagine what I would be so bold to put on there and sew to my clothes (I mean, I can't even commit to a patch with a squirrel on it!) but I really would love to see what others do with it. What would you write in?

Here is one of the patches I have that I haven't committed to yet. So awesome from Phoebe1.
I got mine at the Handmade Bazaar last summer.

The vintage patches are great, too. I really like the designs and colors. The like the tourist ones or the ones for clubs, the worker ones are good, too, and of course some of the boy scout girls scouts. I have some really old ones like that of my Mom's that are really neat. Sirkus Vintage has a good selection of vintage patches. I like this one.

And, this one is awesome! I suggest you snatch it up.


Anonymous said...

i love the groundhog. i wish you would print it on a bag for me! i can make the bag!

PonyBoy Press said...

Yeah, I can do that. Do you have something ready to go? I am going to do some soon!

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