Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The shelf that etsy built

I want to show you this shelf in my bedroom. I love looking at it. Sometimes I stare at the portrait of Mr Fox and imagine he is my ancestor. Or I think about what he was doing before he took that portrait. I have decided that this was his first grown up professional portrait and that he had just started a job as a bank clerk and was currently courting the future Mrs Fox.

I also like to look at the animals in my little forest, the underground ones and the above ground ones. The scale is a little off, but I don't mind. Those wood and silver things are actually curtain finials from Ikea. I wasn't ready for them yet, so we put them there and I decided they are the gates to the National Forest. (When I was a kid, it always was so exciting when you would enter the National Forest and pass by the gate and stop at the booth to pay or get pamphlets or whatever transaction my father did there). Anyway, here is my shelf:

Everything on it (except thermometer thingy, of course) is from an Etsy seller.

Mr Fox from marmeecraft
Animal stuffies, except for teal fox, from craftpaca
Mt Frostie mountain from Plants and Animals
Teal Fox (his head got cut off, sorry) from runamok
Tree from Little Odd Forest (I got this years ago, before Etsy, even. I love it. It used to be the only thing up there.)

Well, now I am going to go do some printing and while I watch Everyone Loves Raymond. That is my favorite rerun lately. More pillowcases soon!

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d e b b i e said...

oh wow!
i love your shelf full of goodies. delightful stuff.

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