Sunday, March 30, 2008

paper love

I have been going thorough collage materials today. I went through a box of stuff I haven't looked in for a few years. In it was this picture I had taken out of National Geographic. I love this illustration. It is hard to reproduce here, but it is all so dark and blue green and it holds some sort of Disneyland-like fascination for me. I have no idea what I could do with it, but for now I will just put on my magnetic board.

I am planning to create some vintage paper packs. There will be lots of cool stuff in them, but having the time and table space to go through, separate and photograph all the stuff will take some time, so stay tuned.

In the stuff I went through today I found these vintage Western Union Telegram forms I have had for a long time. I have always loved them. Since I have a color printer now I can use them to make up cards! So, now in the shop you can get some cards or flats with this neat vintage find. Perfect for someone going on a voyage.

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