Sunday, March 9, 2008

truth blogging

I visit many craft blogs. Sometimes, they get overwhelming. Many of the women who keep them seem to have perfect lives, beautiful houses, large yards, plenty of time to craft, plenty of money to buy fabrics and gorgeous little things. I know it can't always be like this, but I also know that not working full time and having a large living space helps tremendously.

I have often said that I want to see a post from the person who doesn't get to craft in the middle of the day while drinking tea and looking out over her property. I want to see posts from people who work full time, who squeeze in crafts and projects with little time and little money. I want to see a decorating post from people with small spaces and renters. People like me.

So, just now while I was cleaning up I decided to show you the truth of my "desk" in my craft den. No perfectly cropped pics to show just a bit. The whole truth. Well, mostly. I had already moved some things, so it is slightly picked up.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done! Doesn't look too messy to me. :D

I don't have a dedicated craft table -- crafting is set up on my coffee table or my kitchen table. Hm, this is an interesting project. Perhaps I'll take shots of the manifestations of craftiness throughout my apartment? The odd places I store my supplies, etc.?

PonyBoy Press said...

Yeah! I would love to see stuff like that. I am planning on more.

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