Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cut outs

I am very taken with these French and Italian vintage paper toys and models that some generous person is putting up on flickr. They are so very charming and fun and easy to put together. I especially love the newspaper/magazine girl. Her little kiosk is so neat.

They make me want to make stories up for them and then do videos, coming in close to each person while telling you the going-ons of everyone waiting for the train.

I really need to get some better scissors though before I do that. Mine are too big to get into the small spaces.

I have to admit I am pretty taken with this glue, as well. It is called Cocciona and it is imported form Italy and it smells like almonds! Makes gluing so much more pleasant. It works good, too. You can get it from Little Pink Studio.

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Chelsea said...

You have such an amazing ability to find such cute vintage stuff. Glad you share!

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