Tuesday, July 1, 2008

summer loves

I have been too busy mailing out packages and watching season 3 of Weeds to do much crafting lately. As much as I would like to, I really need to spend the next month or so working on a new issue of Figure 8. Right now I am dubious that it will get done, but I always feel that way a month and a half before the zine symposium and it usually does get done.

I have been enjoying the summer harvest and am looking forward to more. So, I thought I would do a little Etsy search to illustrate my favorites. Doing an Etsy search on a subject is a good way to see what is really out there on Etsy. It isn't all great, but it is interesting to see what people are producing and sometimes surprising to see what sells (Pounce is good for this too).

Last night I ate two ripe plums, cold from the fridge. It reminded me of that Williams Carlos Williams poem. They were excellent. I think they might have only been better if they were stolen. Here is a neat plum block print from kgcrafts. It makes me want more plums!

Strawberries are now in full bloom here in Portland and man, are they good. I keep thinking I will make something with them, but I would rather just eat them straight. Here are some cute pin cushions from squirrelonaledgetop

Lately, I have been getting garlic scapes or garlic shoots from the Farmers Market. They are really good in sautes. Garlicky, but also green tasting. I think they would make a good pesto, too.
Here is a nice green garlic painting from FLYoungstudio

Hope you are enjoying the summer. Although summer is not may favorite season, air-conditioning, the farmers markets and swimming makes it way more enjoyable. I am looking forward to more berries, local cherries and my zucchini plant producing more zucchini than I know what to with.


Felicia said...

Love those strawberry pincushions :)

Anonymous said...

take them strawberries and add sugar and balsalmic vinegar(trust me) ask your friend vali for the amounts. then serve it with mascarpone and start crying because the world is so beautiful and tasty and there is nothing better than an oregon strawberry.


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