Friday, September 26, 2008

one more down

Thursday I got the chance to go to an Office Supply store in inner SE that is closing. I had always wondered about it and wanted to go in. Since I heard it was closing my mind has been reeling with the possibilities of old products and displays in that old Office Supply store. The place has been in business there since 1927!

There wasn't as much old stuff there as I wanted there to be. Or at least not the kind I was looking for. There is a lot of 80's stuff there. Lots of big floppy disk holders and 80's style desk accessories. Some of the prices were ridiculously high. Even with the half off. Check out this pack of memo sheets for $12.00!

I did find some cool stuff to take pics of. I especially liked the old signs - or signage as the annoying people say. And these old pen nib packages were so very cool. I love that font that says "for drawing or lettering". They said they found these in the back. I wonder how long ago they were ordered.

There is so much in that store that is completely outdated. There was this whole wall of ledgers. Boxes of extra pages made to fill binders for accounts and payroll. These were purchased 25, 40 years ago and are still there. Once such a business staple, now, pretty unneccessary.

Anyway, I am glad I finally got to go in there. It is always sad to see independent businesses that have been around so long finally close. But, it had a long run. I will miss seeing the signs when I drive by.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. I adore old office supply stores. thank you for sharing!

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