Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Pillowcases

Hello. I did a little printing of some pillowcases last weekend and they are now in the shop. I think they look better in real life than in the pics. I took these on a dark and stormy night and I have to say my pillows are not the most photogenic. At any rate, I hope you can see the cuteness that is these pillowcases.

If you want to get one for a friend (or yourself!) mention this post and I will include a zine of my house fictions. Perfect bedtime reading for these pillowcases.

These pillowcases are all vintage and can be washed and dried in the machine.


Anonymous said...

so cute! i hope your bringing these to the Handmade Bazaar!

Ephemeral Mailbox Museum said... these are adorable!!! yay yay for houses!!

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