Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been working on getting some photos together for a project for my father's book. I got a slide scanner for my birthday (thanks, sis and bro-in-law!) and have been scanning lots of old slides. Most of the photos in our family are on slides. It is strange to see so many images I have never seen before or only seen in black and white. Most of the color slides are still very brilliant and haven't turned.

There are slides all the way back to the early 40's. I can't get over seeing color images of my father when he was 5! I have only ever seen those years in black and white.

It is very emotional, however, to have these images in front of me everyday. I am glad I have the scanner and look forward to getting more scanned, but it will be nice to be able to put all these pictures of my father and grandparents away for a while. My father was so close to his parents, it was like they were still around when he was around. Now that he is gone I feel like they are truly gone and that makes it all harder. No one tells you that part.

Phew. Okay, well this post got kind of heavy so I will just end it there and post the other stuff I was going to talk about later. I will leave you with this image of my Grandfather with Lady. I love the colors in this slide. I wonder if it was always like that or if it has faded a bit.

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