Wednesday, February 11, 2009

felted love letter and musings about magazines

It might be a little late to get something like this together for Valentines Day, but I had to share it with you all. The project is from LucyKate Crafts and there is a full tutorial here. I just love this and am very excited to try it sometime. A letter + felt + sewing = the perfect combination!

I saw this because I went on to the Craft Magazine site today. They just announced that they are ceasing production on Craft Magazine. I am not a huge fan of craft magazines, only because I have so many projects already on my to-do list that a magazine full of them only overloads my brain. Also, I am not a follow the instructions kind of person. However, I am sad to see it go and sad about the many many magazines that have called it quits in the last year.

It makes me sad. Magazines are one of those simple inexpensive pleasures in life. I have always loved a good magazine. As a teenager I dreamed of being an editor of Seventeen or something like that. As a twenty-something I dreamed of starting a magazine about life for renters like the short-lived Seventies magazine Apartment Living Magazine (I still think this is a good idea - tips on dealing with landlords, small spaces, simple repairs, etc).

By making zines I got a little closer to being a magazine editor and by creating graphics and content for the web site at my day job I am also doing work similar to what I dreamed of.....but still...nothing is as satisfying as a glossy colorful gorgeous magazine.

Here is hoping that that some will survive. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it. Maybe more expensive magazines with little advertising and certainly more available on websites......I think I may go subscribe to some magazines right now. I hope I pick the ones that won't quit next week!


Anonymous said...

I know, it is sad about craft but I agree about craft project overload. that felted envelope is luuuvvly...erinn

Camp Crop-A-Lot said...

wow what a beaut your envelope is!
yes too bad about the mags

PonyBoy Press said...

Hi Camp Crop-A-Lot, it is beaut, but I did not make it! I wish I had! Maybe next year.

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