Sunday, July 5, 2009

July is International Zine Month

Happy International Zine Month! What, you didn't get me a card? Ok, well, you still have time to make one and send it off.

International Zine Month is a new thing for 2009 and it is official. I have referred to July as Zine Season for the last several years. Anyone who is used to getting ready for the Portland Zine Symposium (or any annual zine event) is probably familiar with zine season.

July is International Zine Month also because of the 24-hour Zine Thing Challenge that happens every July. There are also a lot of other events taking place all over. Here is a listing of events. Also there is always a large list of zine events on We Make Zines, too.

Nicole Introvert of Click Clack Distro organized a zine to correlate with International Zine Month. It is called Entry Point and it is a compilation zine of 17 zinesters stories of how they got involved in zines. I have contributed a page. here is a peak of it:

I am going to include a free copy of this zine in every order from PonyBoy Press from now till July 31st. You can also pick one up at the Portland Zine Symposium.

I just finished reading it today and I really enjoyed it. Here are two quotes from it that I really liked:

This is one of the strongest lessons I have learned from zines: scatter your joy widely, and remember that it is your joy. Creation. Nerdy fuckin' creation. Nothing, then something.

I asked "Why do you keep saying 'zine'?" Her reply was, "Because magazines are for maggots!"
(nicole introvert, click clack distro)

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