Thursday, July 16, 2009

vintage stationary - a freebie!

Go here to Download and print

I found this today in my stationary stash and decided I had hoarded it too long, it was time to share.

These write & fold stationary things were popular in the 70's and I had tons then and a bit of a collection now.

You would write on the other side and then fold up the top and bottom on the lines and afffix a seal to hold it together and then address on the front.

This one, as you can tell, is a winner. The whole thing is so great. Feel free to download the large size from the flickr photos and use for your personal use.

I guess technically this should be a Cedar Chest post, but I didn't want you all to miss it.

Happy letter writing!

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Anonymous said...

This is so old and weird but I love it! Thanks for the freebie!

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