Tuesday, June 22, 2010

scrapbooks - an american history

I have had this book Scrapbooks - An American History by Jessica Helfand from the library for a criminally long time. Well, not really criminal - I do have it legally. The thing is the book can continue to be checked out because no one else has a hold on it. That's the criminal part - the fact that no one else has put it on hold for so very long.

This is a really amazing book. Anyone who is into vintage stuff, ephemera, true scrapbooking, design, journaling or zines would be interested. The images are beautiful and so intriguing and the story of scrapbooking and how it has changed over the years was fascinating.

The book has a website, The Daily Scrapbook, with a blog where they post many more scrapbook pages not shown in the book and lots more. Take a visit.

Also, I wrote a bit more about the book and the Victorian scrapbook last year on The Cedar Chest.

So, now I have written the blog post I have been meaning to for quite a while. I will now be returning Scrapbooks to the library. Go ahead and put it on hold for yourself. Or buy a copy. It's a great gift!


Jenny said...

That's so neat. This encourages me to make sure I hold on to my high school scrapbooks -- they'll probably be pretty cool in 50 years.

Violet Folklore said...

Oh WOW this looks amazing! I am going to request it from the library right now! Thanks so much for posting.

Ps Don't you just love how the library lets you keep books when no one has reserved them? I also love requesting items and being alerted when they're waiting for you online.

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