Thursday, July 15, 2010

essentials and extras

There are a number of things I like to have a good supply of in the house. Just knowing they are there makes me feel better and more secure. If I have an extra extra amount in the house I feel downright wealthy. Some of these are constants in life like postage stamps, shampoo and soaps and quarters for laundry.

Some have been around for quite a while and are approaching life status - like Chipotle Tabasco Sauce and Annie's Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette.

Some are seasonal, like this summer I felt nervous if I didn't have strawberries in my fridge for the last few months. Now that has transferred to just summer fruit in general and fresh lettuce. Also it looks like I am just starting to get over a strange 3 month obsession with chocolate pudding.

About a month and a half ago the mister showed up at my door with 5 bottles of my precious Homade Chili Sauce. I had mentioned to him how Safeway stopped carrying it, so now only Zupan's was left. He had been there and brought me 5 jars! I felt rich! I felt like a bootleggers wife! I thought it would last me forever.

Well several weeks later and I am halfway through the jars. I pretty much only use it on breakfast items, but I use it almost every morning.

Homade Chili Sauce is something that is made in Southern California and we always had it in the house during my tween and teen years (I grew up in Southern California). Homade was there for many omelet and scrambled egg mornings. Also, we probably used it on hamburgers, too. I seldom found it later in adult life (by then in Northern California) and kind of forgot about it until I moved up here and saw some in my mom's fridge. She picked me up a bottle once and I was hooked again and then I finally found it at Safeway.

Maybe some of what I like about the condiment has to do with childhood memories. A high school friend of mine said once that she loved making sandwiches at our house because we always had such "interesting" things to put on them. My mother does like her condiments and so do I.

Homade Chili Sauce is not hot at all and really more like a dressed up ketchup. But, no high fructose corn syrup. I think people would like it for shrimp, too. There is very little on the internet about it, but I did find this page that had recipes for the chili sauce.

What kinds of things do you feel better having a good supply of in the house?...or is it just me?

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HAN. said...

totally not just you hehe
i always like having pens and paper, the obvious haha but also i like always having candy in my candy stash, but unfortunately isnt the case at the moment :( i need funds haha

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