Thursday, July 22, 2010

such a girl

There are a lot of typical girly things I am not into: doing my nails, shopping for shoes, handbags, dresses, pedicures, most romantic comedies, getting my hair done (or even cut)...there are other things, too, that I can't currently recall. Just know there are many times that I feel completely alienated from a group of "typical" women.

However there is one way (okay, more than one) that I'm totally a cliche girly-girl and that is that I love all those costume dramas. Yeah, I like Austin, but it isn't just Jane Austen or the Bronte Sisters. It is all of them, even the American ones, in fact one of my favorites is Little Women (and of course Canadian ones. Oh, how I love Anne of Green Gables).

These films are usually well written and wonderfully acted, but it isn't just that. I love how they look. They're all so beautiful: the costumes, the sets, the props and landscapes. The music is always lovely and in the British ones they are always having tea - another totally girly thing I love.

Tonight I started watching the mini-series Lark Rise to Candleford. It just came out on dvd. I have only watched one episode and I am already hooked and am looking forward to watching them all - maybe with a cup of tea and a "biscuit".

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