Wednesday, July 28, 2010

etsy solutions

There is a lot of amazingly beautiful stuff on Etsy. Many of the items are way more than I can afford. Many of them I tell myself that I can afford and have therefore indulged until I have to remind myself that I don't really have any more available wall space nor do I need more pretty smelling bath and body stuff (actually I do always need this).

But, there is something that Etsy is so great for that I feel like gets overlooked. Etsy is a place where people sell their handy and useful crafts that they make in their spare time. I am not talking about people with art degrees working on their art or jewelry full time. I am talking about the kind of things you would find at church sales and local gift shops. The thing that makes you think, wow, that is clever, I really need one of those.

Things like these really nice cast iron skillet handlers I got a while back. I needed them, I looked them up and there they were on Etsy, just like I was hoping.

They're well made and totally reasonable price and just what I needed. You can see more on HomeDeconomics site

Or something like a crock pot handle knit cover (I have one I got at a senior citizen's craft store and it is very useful). Or a crock pot cozy.

I love these kind of crafts. Ones that are created from a need that makes things easier. I recently found such a great one of these kinds of crafts, that it prompted this whole post.

Being a large person, my clothes are bigger than most people's. I have trouble getting them to stay on hangers that aren't fabric covered (Not satin. Who's idea was it that satin is a good fabric to cover hangers? It makes clothes slip off easier). Cloth covered hangers are expensive and actually not that easy to find (unless you want satin). Sometimes you can find crochet covered ones. I got some of those at the previously mentioned senior citizen's store. My mom got me some felty hangers for Christmas and they are good, but I already have used them and needed more good hangers.

So, I went back to Etsy and searched again. I was looking for some crocheted ones and I found this awesome solution!

brandimcline makes the crochet covered hanger covers and sells them to you without the hangers. So, all you do is use them on any of your existing hangers. I was excited to try these and ordered a batch. You also get to pick your colors, so I got green and yellow, of course.

they arrived fast and they are perfect. I used all of them today and I covered plastic hangers and satin hangers and both worked great.

What a perfect solution and what a brilliant idea! And the best part is that the cost is only $6.00 for 5! It's a win win. Such a simple idea and so useful. I love that. I am planning on getting more. Here is a picture of them in my closet.

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amy dame said...

i had a brainstorm about this problem last winter - it's not as pretty as your solution, but it works pretty slick!

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