Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have been planning to make some Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies for the last couple of weekends, but have not gotten to it yet. I love them and the recipe for Oatmeal cookies from this book is perfection.

However, I may need to put that aside for some cookies from the past! Gourmet has a list of their favorite Christmas Cookie recipe for each year since 1941! I love the idea of making things from old recipes. I have many old cook books, but it is a crime how seldom I actually use the many cookbooks I have collected.

I may have to make these Cinnamon Sugar Crisps from 1944. They would be so good with a simple ice cream or even better coconut milk ice cream.

Also on my list of recipes I would love to make from here, but probably won't for a while; Brown Butter cookies from 1961, Dutch Caramel Cashew Chews from 1972, and these Lemon Thins from 1976.

They all sound like perfect cookies to have with tea. I love that in a cookie.

I don't really have a "signature" cookie - you know, like something I make every year. For a number of years in the Nineties I made biscotti. I like it when people have a certain cookie or treat they always make. Do you have one?

What cookie or treat do you always make for the winter holidays?

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Laura-Marie said...

The cookie I require for Christmas, like it just isn't Christmas without this cookie, is called Mexican wedding cakes. Also called Russian teacakes. Also called snowballs? Also called sandies. It's butter or margarine, powdered sugar, fine walnuts, vanilla, flour. I think that's it!

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