Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow days

It has been very cold and snowing off and on here since Sunday morning. I took these pictures when I went for a walk on Sunday. The bottom one is of a plant nursery that is in the neighborhood.

I am home early from work because it is supposed to be icy this afternoon. All morning at work I watched snow twirl around outside. I watched the birds fluff their feathers and visit the bird feeder. A very hungry squirrel came by, too.

I am happy to be home and safe and warm. I love the snow, but hate the feeling of needing to go somewhere and feeling stress about driving.

This afternoon I want to do is this:

drink cocoa*
eat cookies/bake cookies
wrap Christmas presents
Make out Christmas cards
Clean up craft room
watch Little Women while I do these things

Hopefully I will get a few of these things done.

Here is a image from my Christmas decorations. Keep warm!

*regarding the cocoa: I don't usually drink milk. I am not that fond of it and it kind of makes me sick now since I have been off it so long. And I never go through soy milk fast enough to warrant buying it. I always end up throwing it out. So, now I get the little juice box sizes of soy or rice milk. They have chocolate silk in it, too. This makes great hot cocoa and if you wanna chocolate it up more, just add some hot cocoa mix with it.

As Marilyn Wann said to me once, You can make any chocolate dish better by adding more chocolate.

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creativesundries said...

My reactions to your post:
1. Your to-do list is adorable! It's just very endearing. I make tons of lists, too!
2. NOte to self: try soy milk.

Sarah :-)

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