Wednesday, December 3, 2008

root a toot toot

Just tootin my own horn here for a minute. Hope you don't mind.

We Make Zines was featured on the Ning blog recently. Which was pretty cool. Today I did a search on "We Make Zines" and it was so great to see all the mentions on people's blogs and websites. Thanks to everyone for getting the word out.

We Make Zines is such an inspiring site. So many awesome discussions, images and zine events. Zine people are alive and very active. We currently have 638 members!

The new Zine Yearbook is out. I have to admit I have never have sent in pieces for consideration for the Zine Yearbook. For some reason I have never been very acquainted with it. This year, however, I was asked to be a part of it and there is an article from Figure 8 #4 on the diet drug Alli included in the book. It is a neat thing to see "the best" of zines from the last year. I have really enjoyed reading it. The folks at Microcosm put it out now.

And speaking of zines, you should go buy some zines from Taylor at Parcell Press. He has a great selection and is a great distro to deal with as a zine reader or zine writer. Things are getting rough for him these days, so order a few zines and help him out. He's got a nice new website.

I guess that is all the zine news for now. Oh, Unrelated: I bought a car last night! A weird thing to do. But, I think I like it. It is a cadiallac and it is making me embrace my inner Golden Girl. I am totally into it.


Ephemeral Mailbox Museum said...

I've always loved the Zine Yearbook. I was asked to participate this year too but didn't feel comfortable with it due to microcosm being in charge. I'm really happy you're in it though and your Alli article really was one of or the best zine pieces of the year! it really rocked my world. Now I wonder if I ever even mentioned it to you - well, better late than never. You do really, really amazing work in all of your zines.
Thank you!!!

PonyBoy Press said...

Oh, thanks!! Those kind of articles are extra difficult for me to write, so I am glad to hear it was worth it. :-)

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