Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am going to let you readers in on a little secret. It really only applies to Portland readers or people planning on visiting Portland.

One of my favorite stores is the Side Street Gallery (no website). It is at 28th and SE Ankeny in Portland and it is filled with vintage, vintage-like and imported treasures. The owners have amazing vintage Christmas stuff for incredibly good prices. There is also tons of Day of the Dead stuff and Catholic Icon stuff, if your into that.

Mainly, it is the best Christmas store ever! Today I got a little white christmas tree for 12.00 and some other little items. There are lots of cute little stocking stuffers, too. And the Mexican wrestling masks were awesome! Seriously, there are so many great items there for 2 and 3 dollars, it is hard not to walk out with a bundle.

Anyway, Portland readers, check it out. It is amazing and such deals!

They specialize in lots of outdoor light statues like back in the day. They have them for every occasion. I wish I had a lawn!

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Bertha Pearl said...

Thanks, Krissy..I've never been there and it's in my hood!!!!

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