Tuesday, April 7, 2009

april already

Although I have been aware of myself yearning for the arrival of warmer spring weather, the fact that it is April still has taken me by surprise. Really? April already?

I have not been engaged in many craft or zine projects, but have mostly been doing computer stuff, posting on The Cedar Chest and organizing around the house.

Last weekend my mother came over to Portland and we went to my favorite new place to eat Jade. After amazing food (french fries in truffle oil! Salad rolls with tofu!) and tea (breakfast in bombay), we made our way to the huge fabric store. I was looking for fabric to back the quilt she made for me.

Last fall I told her that I wanted her to make me a quilt for my birthday and Christmas. I gave her a lot of fabric and she added a lot. I saw the finish product on my bed on Saturday and I am so excited for it.
Here are some extra panels. As you may have guessed my room is yellow and green. It was really hard finding some fabric for the back. We have both been looking for a few months. I am really picky. I finally settled on a yellow gingham. I think it will be classic and not look as dated as some.

My mother is very talented, as I wrote in this post here. My quilt is going to look so good!

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