Wednesday, April 22, 2009

yesterday and today

  • Yesterday I stayed up too late pouring over the new Harney and Sons Tea catalog that I got in the mail. I love their tea and the catalog has some interesting information.
Lots of new stuff I want to try, some incredible and expensive rare teas, too. Someone I know in the internet world says he loves the white vanilla grapefruit tea. I may have to try that next.

This mid-summers peach tea is great with a bit of sweetener. I wonder how it will be in an iced tea. I think I may find out soon.

  • Yesterday it was sunny and warm here. After work I went by one of my new favorite places, the frozen yogurt shop. I got blackberry and coconut. I then came home and sat in my backyard (which sadly is really just a driveway with some plants around) and let the sun soak in. I closed my eyes and the breeze came and the warmth covered me and I ate some great blackberry and coconut frozen yogurt.
I have been missing Whidbey Island pretty much since I left there last summer. It was just the best. Lately I have also been craving this amazing huckelberry ice cream I had there. It occurred to me yesterday that sitting in the sun here at home, the breeze blowing, frozen berry treat in hand - it all felt very similar to the island. And although I don't have the great view I had there, my mood is still elevated and I still feel a bit of that vaction feel. A good thing for me to remember - it isn't all about where you are, but about what you take the time to do.
  • Yesterday I put some of my new lovely finds on The Cedar Chest. More to come.
  • Today I did some cool things at work. I love that smart people out there create great websites that can help me create html pages and functions without coding.
  • Today is Earth Day. To the Earth, I say, "Thanks for being such a great host. Your home is lovely. I am sorry we haven't been the best guests.
  • Today is almost over. I started this entry many hours ago.

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