Monday, April 20, 2009

so close

I am excited that the local strawberry harvest is right around the corner. I am expecting to want to eat strawberries all the time for a while. Oregon berries are pretty great.

Seeing this post about Strawberry and Vanilla Charlottes on the beautiful food blog Tartlett only made me less patient. Take a gander. Recipe here.

I love it when desserts have names like Charlotte and Madeline and Fool.


Unknown said...

Those pastries look so cute! I am very excited about the strawberries and just made a strawberry bundt cake for my neighborhood block party. So good!

AnnaVallance said...

We are further north so we will have to wait a bit longer for our strawberry feast. But last year we did freeze quite a few buckets of our local berries so that we are not tempted to buy anything but local.

booberry said...

no comment on the berries as per my deathly allergy. But photographers of america: enough with the trite, ham-fisted intentional blurrying!

Helene said...

Booberry: it's called depth of field and it is what most of my clients ask for. We don't blur them post production we just set up the aperture and depth of field that way.

booberry said...

Yeah, I know about depth of field, focal planes and all of that... I'm just sick of the style. It's beaten to death, especially in food and craft photography.

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