Friday, April 17, 2009


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The spring so far has been so fickle. Rain and hail and sunshine often all within a couple of hours. I like the surprise of it. For some reason Spring always makes me think of Christopher Robin running around the 100 Acres Woods with rosy cheeks and dearest friends, making sure to stop in the cozy home of Pooh for some tea and honey.

Although today is grey and rainy, reports are that it will be in the 80's this weekend. It will be nice to see the sun, although most of my plans so far involve being indoors.

I am heading off the Annual Webfooters Vintage Postcard, Photo and Ephemera Sale this weekend. Looking through boxes of old papers and photos is something I enjoy doing. It is crazy all the stuff that you can find. I am always overwhelmed by how these little paper items, meant to be temporary, have lasted over 100 years.

Being at a postcard sale like this isn't much different from a zine sympoisum or a record swap - both things I have been to many times. It is the kind of event I love - one room filled with lots of people who all love the same things. They show what they found, they talk about their interests and people are happy to share info with each other.

Speaking of zines, also on the list this weekend is to work on my page for the Entry Point compilation zine that Nicole Introvert is putting togethre for International Zine Month - which is July in case you were wondering. The idea is to write about how you got into zines. I am having trouble getting mine to fit on one page. You can find out more here.

I also only got halfway through my list of zine things to do last weekend. I need to do some more work on that.

Something else you Portlanders can do is head out to the Stumptown Comicsfest this weekend. Lots of neat stuff to see there.

I will make sure to get in some time to enjoy the warm weather, too. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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