Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas forest

Today has been all about Christmas and I still got stuff to do. Christmas came way too fast this year and I have taken to doing things like printing out new Christmas tags instead of trying to go through my packed closets and find the many, many I already have. Yeah, it's been like that.

tree display 2010

Last Sunday I did finally get to the decorating. My nephew came by and kept me company while I untangled Christmas lights and set up the Christmas Forest display. I'm pretty happy with this years new additions (the bright green and turquoise tree - bought to go with the new snowman - and the small orange and pink tree). There are little white lights under the "snow".

trees and snowman

The snowman and small trees were purchased from MagpieEthel who I wrote about earlier this month. I just love this little guy and I love the yellow and green colors on him.

snowman close up

The Christmas tree I put up is the same artificial one I have had for the last ten years. It's narrow and small and it works for my small space. But it's getting old and every year I say it's the last year for it, but then the next Christmas comes and I pull it out again.

cuckoo clock

This cuckoo clock is my newest ornament. I got it last year at that all Christmas store in Lincoln City. I 'm pretty fond of it.

Below is one of the oldest ornaments I have. When I was a kid my mother got a queen ornament (with a hot pink long fluffy skirt) and 2 princess ornaments. Every year my sister and I would put on "our" princesses. It's a very sweet memory. This princess here is about 40 years old! She looks pretty good.


Hope you all are having a nice time getting ready for Christmas. Here it comes!


Jenny said...

Adorable as usual, Krissy! Merry Christmas!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Love your trees!! I too have been goofing around today when I really should be getting more things done - like cleaning (yuck). Happy Holidays.

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