Monday, December 6, 2010

a reinvintaged christmas

Spent most of the weekend treating myself as if I was sicker than I was hoping that that would make my cold not get much worse. It seems ot have worked. I am sick, but not that sick.

Besides my work holiday party Sunday night, the only other thing that got me out of the house was a craft show at a local elementary school. There were a good amount of vendors, but I have to say that it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to craft shows. Maybe that has something to do with being on Etsy everyday. I either like really unique things or classic old school type crafts. For example I bought a needlepoint Santa ornament from a senior citizen. Love that stuff.

Besides the always enjoyable crafts of Jenn and Jenny of Chet and Dot, Robot Candy and Plants and Animals, the other vendor that made me wish that someone would force me to spend all my money on myself was MagpieEthel.

Magpie Ethel
takes old vintage findings, pieces of other decorative vintage items and rearranges them, fixes them up and adds on a bit and ends up a very fresh vintage item. Everything was so sweet. I got a snowman and a few other items. I love her generous use of pipe cleaners.

I'm looking forward to adding the new items to the Christmas display. I wonder when I will actually get in the mood to set it up. Not that much time left now. I really wish there was a month between November and December. Dear Santa...

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