Monday, August 11, 2008

good mail

Niku is a zinester, mail artist and craftster. She created a mail club called Lovely Letterbox. She offered a limited amount of subscriptions and every couple of months you get some lovely handmade items in your mailbox. I got my first package a while ago. She included a zine of her own, some extra zines, some handmade paper things and a rubber stamp made from her of Oregon with a little envelope inside! I am very fond of it. I enjoy Niku's long-standing love of zines and mail art. It is a beautiful thing. Visit her shop here.

Speaking of mail love and zine art, today I got a nice letter filled with fun stuff from Sugene. She has a shop full of wonderful things, including some beautiful zines. You can find it here.

Her new issue of All This is Mine has a article on mail subscription clubs with a list of all the great ones you can sign up for. Ask her about it. It isn't listed yet. It is issue number 14.

I have had an idea for a mail subscription for quite a while, but haven't been able to take the plunge. It will be a lot of work and planning.

Right now I booked up on that. Back to working on Figure 8. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

i love that oregon stamp!! <3

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