Thursday, August 7, 2008

island girl

I am still missing the island I was at last month. A week of a beautiful view, family, clean air and that nice constant breeze while sitting in a gorgeous big house has been hard to get over. It was so great being able to hang out with the family but also having enough space to have some alone time too. And my allergies were not bad there at all. Portland seems to be filled with unfriendly allergens for me lately.

Anyway, yeah, I miss the island and I am sure this isn't the last time you will hear of it. Meanwhile, I have noticed my Etsy favorites seem to reflect this. Here are some current faves:

Sea glass from the shores of Scotland! rubycquins collects them for you at a beach near Edinburg. Some of the glass and pottery form that beach date back to 1700! She has beach pottery, too!

On the island there were swallows all over the place. They move so fast and are so pretty to watch. I really enoyed them.

These swallow decals are for your wall. You can get them from subhuti

I have always liked maps like these. paintandink has lots of fun maps of imaginary lands

My zine making mojo is still with me and I think I will have the new Figure 8 ready for the zineposium! Fingers crossed.

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paintandink said...

I am so glad my you like my map! Thank you for posting it.

- Alison Whittington / paintandink/ radiogirl

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