Friday, August 29, 2008

New Online Zine Community - We Make Zines

Behold! I have created a new online zine community. It shall be called We Make Zines.

I was thinking earlier this week that we need something like my space, but where they focus is really just on zines and our zineography. A place where you could find zinesters, leave comments about zines, write about your favorites. Some place that doesn't get overwhelmed with every person you ever new like myspace or too personal like blogs.

We spend so much time making the zines and working on them. I wanted a place that showcases the zines and the people who write them and read them.

So, I did a little search in ye olde google and found an awesome site that lets you make your own social networking site in a jiffy.

Since launching 2 days ago, We Make Zines has reached 65 members and is growing fast!

I think it will be good. it is very exciting to see it fill up. It is a great place to leave a comment about a zine your read, contact zinesters, find some zines or post a zine event. Check it out, won't you?

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